Ozric Tentacles Indescribable at the Independent

The Ozrics Live
The Ozrics Live

How many adjectives does it take to describe a band’s sound? Defining the sound of instrumental band Ozric Tentacles could take a couple dozen, but might best be summarized as “psychedelic-hippy-jam-trance-reggae-space-rock.” More to the point, listening to a track from the 2000 release “The Hidden Step,” my son Aidan described them as “Arabian porn music!” In reality, the Ozrics mix jazz-fusion, reggae/dub, and space-rock forms with eastern flavored trance/ambient, sequencers and sound effects, creating a unique brew that is truly their own. Listen to the track “Sunhair” from 1993’s “Jurassic Shift” and you will know instantly if this music is for you. If it is, you will find more than 25 varied and rewarding album releases to explore.

Ed Wynne
Ed Wynne

Last Wednesday night, May 27, 2009 at the Independent, founding member guitarist-synth player Ed Wynne led what is now a four piece band through a cosmic three hour set. The set list included several earlier tracks, such as “Saucers” from 1991’s “Stangeitude” (a personal favorite) which Ed played on acoustic guitar.  These identifiable tracks were needed to balance the more jam-band oriented excursions, and I would have preferred more of them, particularly in the second half of the show. During many of these segments the keyboards were too far back in the mix, robbing the sound of some of the more trance-inspired bits. Still it was an amazing set, and very effectively showcased new material from 2009’s superb “The Yum Yum Tree“.

This unique band has gone through numerous personnel changes during their history, and is now led by Ed along his wife Brandi (bass, synth) and a drummer and keyboard player.  Some time during 2005, front man, dancer, and flutist Jon Egan left the band and his presence and sound was missed a bit, though it’s hard to complain given the mastery and intensity shown by every member of the band. They are now like a small mystical family, plying their trade in hallucinogenic sound as an inspired team of astral travelers. At it’s best, their music will take you into an inner world of sonic meditation and joy. Take a chance and join their caravan on one of these starry summer nights.

One thought on “Ozric Tentacles Indescribable at the Independent”

  1. Doug,

    I don’t know how you find these obscure bands! Actually, they aren’t obscure – I’m obscure, obviously. You’ve done it again… I checked out Amazon, and listened to the sound bytes from Jurassic Shift and The Yum Yum Tree – nice, relaxing, well arranged, interesting – I loved it. This is probably the 10th band you’ve addicted me to.

    Thanks for your insights and thoughtful reviews… Please keep putting them up. Some of us out here have no idea what to listen to.


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