U2 “in the round” – Vision and Visibility

u2thestartOkay, summer recess is over.  Time to reopen my twitter account (maybe), dust off my blog (definitely) and get back to it!  Lots of bands out on the concert circuit made the summer enjoyable – I wrote about most of the summer series – from Foreigner (with replacement singer), Yes (with replacement singer), Pink (no need for a replacement singer), Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sounds like Siouxsie anyway), and Porcupine Tree (awesome vocalist)

u2shipFinal show before the fall was U2. Was planning to go to Boston this fall, and was able to time it so as to see the U2/Snow Patrol show.  It’s billed as the U2 360 tour and sports a massive stage resembling a space ship. Though there was tons of technology on display, the band seemed in their element – relaxed and unforced, in as fine a form as ever, highlighting new and old material and even breaking out the seldom played title track from “Unforgettable Fire“.  Best track – “Stuck in the Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” acoustic which seemed appropriate for these times. The material from their latest release “No Line on the Horizon” came off better live than on record, with a stirring rendition of “Moment of Surrender” showing one and all that Bono remains a superior statesman for rock-n’-soul. We can all use of bit of surrender to “vision over visibility” – see if you can catch the flight when U2 comes near.

p.s. only complaint? we completely missed Snow Patrol as it took 2.5 hours to drive from Boston to the stadium, some 30 miles away – awful – if that date’s opener had been Muse I would have “blown a gasket” sitting in that traffic.

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