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my dad
me & my dad

I have been a dedicated fan of music from the time I was three years old. I still have a copy of the Beatles record, Rubber Soul that I played repeatedly as a child, sneaking into my sister’s room to use the record player. At that early age I became a complete Anglophile. Ten years later, I was collecting anything out of Britain from the classic and progressive rock acts of the time, including Jethro Tull, Genesis, Yes, Floyd, and so on – top ten 70’s list here. The “new wave” movement hit in the late 70’s and early 80’s and I was then again hooked on all types of creative bands such as Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, and others that mixed fashion, electronics and lots of attitude – top ten 80’s list here. My horizons expanded a bit from the 90’s on. For me, women saved the 90’s (hey that would be a good title for my third book!) between Tori, Fiona, Natalie and other similar artists – top ten 90’s list here. The new millennium has my ever expanding collection taking up lots of disk space with music as rich and varied as any that has come before. Through each of these decades, I have played music, collected music, and attended live performances as frequently as possible. I would define myself as a music “aficionado”.

Photo on 1-29-15 at 8.56 AM #2
Me, in 2015

Since 2013, I’ve been a columnist for several blogzines which has afforded me the chance to practice my photography (along with my wife Artina, who has a better eye!) and more importantly to meet and interview some of my musical heroes. it has been a dream come true. I also own and operate Diego Spade Productions and am working on my first book about the spectacular rock concerts I attended back in the 70s.  Additionally I teach and am on advisory councils related to my prior career in information sciences.

My hope is to use this site to share music, film and concert reviews, industry news, and other views that will start dialogue with other music lovers globally.

These same posts have been published as part of Gonzo Multimedia’s weekly music magazine, hosted at http://www.gonzoweekly.com since October 2013.

In the U.S. find selected entries at Something Else Reviews here: http://somethingelsereviews.com/author/douglas-harr/

Under the banner of Diego Spade Productions, Inc. I will be publishing a series of books on the history of classic & progressive rock, new wave, alternative, and beyond. Stay tuned at www.diegospadeproductions.com

17 thoughts on “About Doug”

  1. Doug:

    Great posts! I’ll be following your musical travels.

    FYI, Keith Emerson was to play last week down here in suburban Agoura Hills (no international travel required for me).

    Alas, he had to cancel due to re-occurring carpel tunnel syndrome.

    Karn Evil 9 is tough on the wrists!

    All the best!


    1. Yes tough on the wrists – once when I saw Ringo Starr he had ’80’s synth pop luminary Howard Jones on keyboards and Greg Lake on bass & guitar. They actually attempted Karn Evil 9 and Howard looked like he was going to have a coronary!

  2. Funny, we both turned out to be great music lovers. I have DJ’d as ‘Poetry in Motion’ for many years, and still make custom compilation mixes to this day. Now I recall playing records with you when we were little, come to think of it.

    Your friend, and ‘cross the street neighbor from age 4-9,
    Suzy a.k.a. Suzanne Kronisch

    P.S. Love the picture of you and your Dad.

  3. Buddy, your Dad looks just like you!, Um, er ah, you look just like him!

    I’m not even close to being an music afficianato like yourself, but you have turned me on to some really great stuff that are my favs. Thank you for that!

  4. Doug!

    I would like to thank you very kindly for your review of my project A Passion Play; Ian Anderson and the story of Jethro Tull. I see that the composition of the book has not escaped you and understand the fact it was really built around the band’s formation and how this remarkable band came into being and gelled to become a major musical entity in the business.

    I realize the fuller writings on the earlier albums were much longer and explained more, however I know Tull fans will know what the following albums were as all fans have the entire catalogue and I just wanted to be sure we had enough room in the second part to allow Ian to be heard thoroughly as our interviews were extensive, long and very enjoyable. I only wish it could have been released earlier.

    However Phil Godsell approached me last year and bought out my contract and we began a collaboration that got this labour of love out to the fans, the real audience I meant this to be for, hence the extreme work on the beginnings.

    It is a very accurate review in that you have captured how I feel about it and for that Doug I do thank you for such a fine method of observing and making my day end with a high note in the air.


    Brian Rabey

  5. Doug, I would like to ask for permission to post your review on my page for obvious reasons. Thanks again and please refer the e-mail below. BR

  6. Doug!

    How have you been?

    I have tried to get through by e-mail a few times, but not heard back. I guess the cruise and all this writing you’re doing has kept you busy. I saw your run in with Mr. gripe on the Amazon page better known as this book is based on an interview from 1975 JTullOFan. What a moron, as if a 300 page book could be based on an interview from ;76. Where did all the material from ’77 come from then LOL. What a maroon. He has been a thorn in my back and even caused me to write to Amazon 3 times before threatening legal action but 30 grand to deal with that is ridiculous, so a few copies go unsold – their loss I saw why he reacted that way because I found some material on an old tape and as my interviews with Ian left out that period where he was living in Jeffrey’s rooming house I borrowed a couple of lines from that interview as Ian had forgotten or at least pretended too. Sometimes stuff like that is not what they want to have out in public or since it did happen almost 50 years ago has forgotten, after all that was a mere few months before a move to better digs. So thanks for giving him a run, it makes him look even more ridiculous when he comes out swearing and calling names, I can’t believe they get so worked up, it’s a book and a positive book. I might expect something of that nature had I been knocking the material down but it was entirely to promote the gifts of the band and he still went after it which tells me he must be connected to the competition or carrying some axe to grind. Whatever, I guess Karma will take care of him.

    Drop me a line Doug, stay in touch. The disc set is beginning work this month as signed releases have been arriving and I have set up a separate recording computer to put the interviews in to quality high enough to make it to DVD.


    Brian R


  7. I’d like permission to use your terrific photo of PJ Olsson on my blog listed below. Personal blog, not for profit, very low traffic. Please let me know via email. I have posted it without permission but will take it down if requested.

    1. Don’t see your email address Kay, and the link shows a Parsons video but no photo. Anyway please go ahead and use the snap. I am planning to reach PJ for an interview, which will be fun, as his performances for Parsons are amazing…thanks

  8. this message is for doug, i,m a prog fan from spain, reciently i read a report of andy latimer/camel (Ramblin’ Man Fair to Camel?
    July 29, 2015), in the lovely report i see a super nice photo of the band on stage in the royal albert hall playing the snow goose(Camel Live at the Royal Albert Hall) in black and white, i,m absolutely in love with the photo…, have you the photo in bigger size?, can you send me via email for make me a poster?, have you more pics of this concert, i play drums, andy wars is my heroe, if you have someone of andy on the drum set of this concert you make me super happy… i wish a lot you read this message and contact with me…., i,m a big fan. if is necessary i can pay for that with pleasure, my mail is jsorliromeo@gmail.com.
    thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english….
    (love all your prog reports, specially anglagard, kansas, elp and camel, the bands i love!)

    1. Jaime, thank you for the kind words. That photo of Camel can be seen in PROG magazine on the band last year. I tracked it down for licensing in my upcoming book on theatrical rock of the 1970’s. Took 6 introductions and 3 months until the deal was done -original is the only shot I know of from inside the venue that night, when the live recording was made, taken for the Daily Mail newspaper. I cannot relicense it, but I can guarentee that if you are a fan you will want my book as I spent two years tracking down more than 200 of the best shots by the greatest photographers of the day

  9. I’ve been asked to review your book, but I’m having a problem believing you actually attended some of the concerts listed. I attended many of the shows you mention and I’m not seeing a lot of information about the specifics; just generalizations about the artists. Please enlighten me.

  10. Thanks Shawn, in some cases I attended the exact tour and date in others a different tour/show – at times I cover more about that artist and their body of work than a particular tour date – depends on the band/tour – some specific tours were unique in terms of staging/theatrics, etc. and warrant more specifics – thanks!

  11. Doug, I loved the book and remember most of these shows. I love the video references and have some of these in my collection but it prompted me to get more of them. Thanks! Doug

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